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Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Valentine for Ron

OK I admit it!! I did not make my husband Ron a valentine card!! With the extra hours at work & the bad tooth ache, I just did not have the time...then I felt bad when he got me one..so...I came home for lunch on Thursday & looked through all my stuff to find anything even close to a guy's card & I found this one! (to the right)It is a fabulous card that my friend Marge shared at one of our group make & takes...I just took out the brad & added a heart button from my stash & stamped happy valentines day to the front...and what do you know??? instant valentine card!! TAA DAA!!!

I guess you do what you have to!! ha ha ha
just wondering if any one else has done anything like that??



Marge Robertson said...

Oh, yes, it worked -- it's very handsome! Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention & you did actually make the card prior to reinventing it! Pretty clever, I say!!!

Kelleast said...

Oh absolutely, I've done things like that! I think your idea was very clever, and I'm sure Marge was glad to help. :)

kraftykathy1 said...

great thinking on the fly and nice touches. Great example how embellishments can change up a card.

Debby Winters said...

Actually it has never occurred to me to do this ..but I will now! :) What a great job you did at reinventing the card...great valentine...I am sure DH loved it.

Anonymous said...

Love it. Clever woman :) xx

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

What a great idea Gwen, I love it!


Frances said...

all the time, Christmas card is usually still wet when presented LOL.

Love the card, you'd never know it wasn't like that all along!


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