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Saturday, February 9, 2008

life got in the way

I have had a tough week :(

Long story short....Had a root canal on Monday....pain, pain, pain...all week...had another one (different tooth) on Thursday...still pain...may need another!!! been a crazy busy week at work... in pain during the day & then pain meds at night. In case you didn't know...I even work at a dental office! This is Sat eve & still not feeling 100%..SO needless to say that is why no posts or comments all week...so sorry!! I also apologize to all who "tagged" me...Just do not have the time to get to it. I also have a pay it forward to do...will be getting to that in the next day or 2.
Thanks for your understanding!

In the grand scheme of things I realize things could be allot worse!

Hope to be back tomorrow or Monday



Kim said...

Oh Gwen - hope you feel better soon! Kim sbs8

Marge Robertson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marge Robertson said...

I can't believe what a lousy week you've had & you still may need another root canal?!!! Ohhhh, that's just not fair - where's that sweet tooth fairy gone? She needs to sprinkle some good fairy dust on you 'cause we miss our funny Gwen & all her awesome creations! Hope you're smiling again soon!!! ;-)

Etha said...

awwww, get better soon!! don't bite anybody :)

Frances said...

ooo, that sounds rough, hope you're back to normal soon :)

Han said...

I do hope you feel better soon teeth are a nightmare unless they are working properly. xx


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