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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

This card is one of those Happy accidents!! It started out being a much longer card but then when I was working on it I dropped an inked stamp on the red paper,Sooooo I just cut it off & it ended like this...I like it!!! reminds me of a tuxido. The stamp is an old time Fave from SU. Everything else is just stuff I had laying around in my crafty cave!

On another note...OH MY HECK!!! did anyone else see Tinna Turner on the Grammys?? Is she awsome or what! How old is she anyway? I thought the show was great...lots of fab entertainment!! not allot of BS!

Blogg Ya Latta!!


debby4000 said...

Fantastic card, hope this means you feeling a bit better.

Marge Robertson said...

What a beautiful "accident"! That looks like it would fit in those tiny envelopes from the $1 store; wish we had them in red! So glad you're back to your "old self"!!!
Hmmmm, I've got that same stamp & "dots"!!! ;-)

stampgalaxy said...

what a happy accident - so very stylish this one too.

Kay SBS8

kraftykathy1 said...

Tina is all about attitude baby!

Just like your card they both rock!

Han said...

The layout for this is fab and don't worry about the accident it looks fab. xx

Enfys said...

Wow, that really is a happy accident. I love it when stuff like that happens - a smudge on a page that has to be covered up is such a challenge. This is really, really stylish and elegant.

Kelleast said...

Adorable card - I like the unique size. It really adds to the charm.

Come join us (your SBS-8 sisters) on our new Yahoo group. Check it out here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sbs8/

Su Davis said...

Hi Gwen - hope you are feeling much better now. Love this card, it is so just perfect for a valentine, and the candy tree which is awesome - what a treat!

TotallyAddinktive said...

Oh Gwen this is stunning ... i love black and red together ... actually anything and black looks great! love that heart too! Oh and can i get a candy tree??? Leonie SBS8

Etha said...

I didn't see her, but the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll was born in 1939 :)
Like your happy accident card!

Anonymous said...

Dear Gwen,
I love you dear one. Thanks for telling me the way to look at this blog space. I know you put this out for crafty people can actually do things like blog and make adorable cards and I don't fit into either category. (But you are my friend and you work in my cute husband's office so you probably know who I am. xoxo ) I have to tell you your quote, "Don't marry the person you think you can live with; marry the person you think you can't live without!" hit me hard. Remind me to talk to you about that cute daughter of mine.
Thanks for letting me see your blog...and yes....please teach me how to do this thing. :-)


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