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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Candy Bar Tree

Finally feeling good enough to get a few things done today!! So thought I had better get cracken on my valentine stuff!!
This is for my son...it is something I saw on the Martha Stewart show last year.
It is just a styrofoam cone coverd with little candy bars...super easy & pretty quick also :) Butter Fingers are his fave..so used mostly those...Hope he likes it!!
Now better get to work on the little mail boxes for my girls!
Still need to stop by & visit all of you & your fab creations....crossing my fingers that my tooth dose not flair up again!!!
until later...


Marge Robertson said...

Well, how darn cute is that?!!! You're so clever to remember that from a year ago!!! You go, girlfriend, and KEEP FEELING GOOD!!! It's about time; we've ALL missed you terribly!!! ;-) (I know if anyone else missed you posting half as much as me, then we've ALL missed you a bunch!!!)


Kelleast said...

This project is so adorable - great job! Hope you're feeling better soon. :)

Frances said...

This is fantastic! I love seeing all the different 'things' you come up with. Only trouble is, I've got a very long list of 'things to do and try' now :)

Han said...

Wow I would love to receive one of these FAB xx

Kim said...

Wow now that looks really yummy! Kim sbs8


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