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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Spread the Love Award

"Spread the Love" award
My new SBS8 sister KELLY... http://kelleast.blogspot.com/has done me the honor of giving me a Spread the Love award - Thank You Kelly!!! This award is meant to spread blog love to others through support, comments and really all-around blog love. Since I love so many of the blogs I read all of the time, I thought this was great. I may not always comment on every blog I read, but I try to do the best I can because if you're anything like me, you love to hear from other like-minded people.
So, with that in mind, I give this award to the following great gals:
MARGE... http://maricopastamper.blogspot.com/ who not only has the most beautiful creations, but always is so supportive & helpful in all I do! Actually she has taught me most of what I know!!! Thank you dear Marge! To ETHA... http://www.moregreenwool.com/ Who is always so kind to comment in all my creations & quick to answerer all my silly questions! Thanks Etha!! You are only supposed to do 3 But...I want to add 2 more gals that I stumbled on to that are from Minnesota...Just makes me feel like home when they visit & comment on my blogg. Thank you so much ladies!!! Just love your bloggs!..ROCHELLE http://impressionsbyrochelle.blogspot.com/& KATHLEEN http://kathleenh-myhappyplace.blogspot.com/

Pass it on, ladies. Happy crafting!


Marge Robertson said...

Wow, I feel truly honored! Thank you so much, Gwen, without whom I'd never even have dreamed of starting a blog. You are so sweet, so kind, so supportive, and SOOOOO creative and talented!!! You are one of those people I truly envy who has project ideas floating in your head -- I only wish I had a smidge of the talent you naturally possess! I can't wait to see what gorgeous creations you'll come up with next! Thank you, Gwen, for all the love you share daily!!! ;-)

Etha said...

hehe, thaks fro spreadin the luf my way! I'll have to ponder who I will send it on to!

Kim said...

What a great idea! You are very inspirational. Kim sbs8

Kelleast said...

You're welcome - well deserved :)

kathleenh said...

Oh how sweet Gwen. Thanks for the award!


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