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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another award!!

I have been given the "You Cheer Me Up Award" by one of my new SBS8 sisters Han @ http://hanscraftycreations.blogspot.com/ Thank you Han!! I also have a pay it forward to do AND I have been tagged again! I will be getting to those ASAP I promise! I would like to pass this award along to My BBGF (my best blogg girl friend) Marge http://maricopastamper.blogspot.com/ as she really does cheer me up on a daily basis!!! actually my DH has had to check on me in my craft room from time to time to see what is so funny that I can not stop laughing!!! Thanks Marge!!!
And to another blogger that I visit every day...she does not even know me... but not only is she very talented, she is so funny!! I have LOL so many times as I sat reading her blogg!! her name is Cambia http://cambriaturnbow.blogspot.com/ Thank You Cambria...you are just so funny I really enjoy reading your blog!
Thank you both!!! and if you get a chance...please pass it on!!


Marge Robertson said...

Thank you, my BBGF (I like that)!!! My DH has had the same checking in on me to do because of the hilarity that goes on between us; you do truly brighten my days, not only with your wonderful humor, but with your awesome creations on your blog. I especially love the non-card things you so beautifully create. A friend of ours we lived close to when our kids were little used to get them all riled up & then he'd tell them to "stop having so much fun", which is what my DH now says when I LOL over something you've said to me!!! But please don't ever "stop having so much fun"; I'm loving every second of it!!! Thanks for everything, Gwen!!! Now I'll have to pass this You Cheer Me Up Award on, hmmmm. . . to whom shall I pass it?!!! Stay tuned!!!

Cambria Turnbow said...

Oh my gosh... thank you Gwen! You are SO sweet! You totally MADE MY DAY!! Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for sharing that I can bring you a smile on occasion.


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