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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Finally!!!! back to the blogg...It has been a busy week...The diet was going great until the weekend! My husband wanted to go out to dinner Friday after work & who can resist chips & salsa sitting right in front of you?? I did make it to the gym a few times, so guess I am doing O.K. with that.

I made this as a Valentine decoration just for ME! The letters are something new at Michales, our local craft store...they are wood & only a couple of bucks each.

First I painted them black, then I Mod Podge scrapbook paper to the front. The paper I chose in single sheets at a local scrapbook store. Once the paper is on the front I sanded all of the edges & inked with black stampin' up ink & a sponge. Then added the embellishments....and that's it!! very quick & easy.

Now I am going to blogg surf for a while....have only had a chance here & there to take sneek peeks at what you all have been up to!...I'm so excited!!!

Happy Crafting!



Marge Robertson said...

These letters are LOVEly, Gwen (pun intended). They are seriously beautiful!!! I like that you made them just for YOU!!! ;-)


PS: You've been Tagged (as I was by www.memystampsandi.blogspot.com from Glendale)! You have to post 7 Random Weird/ Facts about yourself on our blog (as do I)!

kraftykathy1 said...

What a neat home decoration project.
kathy sbs 8

stampgalaxy said...

Well done with the diet. I love those letter. You've done a great job.

Kay SBS8

Su Davis said...

Oh Gwen - what timely and beautiful inspiration! I had 2 letters similar to these (well, blank wood! Around A4 size - 21cm x 30cm) off a friend for Christmas and I need to make them up soon! (an 'S' and a 'U'!)
Gloucester, UK

Melissa M. M. M. said...

This is stunning! I just "LOVE" your classy colour choice and how you've embellished it. I have to try making this kind of decoration; thanks for the inspiration, :0) Mel

Kelleast said...

These are beautiful! Great job (and I just might copy your idea). :)

Nancy said...


I think I need to make me one of them .. hmmmm I have a b'day coming up, maybe it can be my b'day present to myself.

:) sbs-8, Nancy

Frances said...

Absolutely 'love' this Gwen, fab choice of papers.

You really inspire me with all your home decor projects and I like the fact you made it for yourself :) at least you'll know it'll be appreciated!

debby4000 said...

Lovely letters, what a great idea.

My Paper World said...

They are beautiful! What a fab colour combo! they looks so classy!

Etha said...

Wow those letters are wonderful!! I never decorate for Valentines but that stuff looks very cool, I just might copy you right there! Neat colors too. Liked your random facts, I've never been to Disney World LOL....

kathleenh said...

Your Love letters are gorgeous!


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