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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

October is Halloween time

I did have to work today, (10 hours) but have been itching to try this little basket. It didn't take long & turned out OK...yes, I think I like it! And I just had to make another door hanger. This is why I do cards & easy crafts...If it's not done in a day it will NEVER get done!! I really envy the quilters (like my sister) the needle pointers,the knitters etc...
I need the instant gratification of seeing it finished! I am the kind of a person who has to read the last page of a book after I read the first chapter...just to see how it turns out. Guess that's why I read magazines instead of books. I will try to craft tomorrow but it is another long day. Can't wait until Saturday, I am doing a purse book class at my friend Deva's I will of course be sharing that when it is finished.

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mer said...

Great basket & I really like your newest door hanger. Gosh, looks like I'm going to have to hit the craft stores after the Boho purse class on Sat. & get some Halloween paper, etc. after all! You and Ilene are always getting me in trouble -- hee-hee! :>) Keep posting - I'm lovin' it!!!


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