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Monday, October 29, 2007

Not my fave.

This card is certainly not one of my favorites! In fact I wasn't even going to post it! I did spend allot of time on it :-) I really hate it when that just happens some times! The ideas is o.k. but I think it is the colors or maybe it is the ribbon....I don't know.


Marge Robertson said...

I think your idea is great and I like the colors. I noticed you've used that scallop here & on your Halloween dog's photobook. Did you buy the slit punch or is it done differently? I'm a big fan of the scallops!!! It is frustrating putting a lot of time into a card & then not really liking it or ruining it when you don't stamp it "perfectly" like I did this a.m.!

Gwen Snater said...

Oh yea Marge, I am a scallopping fool now...thanks for showing me that trick & yes I did have to buy the punch.Woot, Woot!!

Marge Robertson said...

You're so funny!!! I'm glad I found a technique that's so fun & easy to do -- I love scallopping too!!! I got another little tree card with different Iris papers done & didn't press hard enough on the dainty stamp, then tried to re-align with the stamp positioner & failed miserably, so now I need to re-do that. Think I'm just tired & nothing is going right today, so I'll have to try again tomorrow!


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