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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Last post of today

This is going to have to be my last post of today...As I have a date with my husband. First we are having dinner at our favorite restaurant & then off to a comedy show at the Dodge Theater we are seeing Brian Regan. He is hilarious!! Anyway....I didn't really like this card, but will still show it ...maybe someone else has a good idea on how to make it better!! The paper is all from Stampin' up the stamps I got last year at the Arizona stamp convention. I believe the brand is called G-RATED.
The finished card is 4X6...See ya tomorrow!! I have lots more to share!

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The Olson Family said...

I am soooo jealous!! I love all your cards ok so we need to plan a card date at your house I am dying to do it!! So, I got stuck going to this retarted metro design convention!! Remind me to tell you the story you will laugh!! I am also jealous you went to Brian Reegan. We had an opportunity to get front row seats but because it wasn't Larry the Cable guy my husband refused to go!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend hope cha cha is feeling better!!


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