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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day all you lucky mothers out there!! This is the card I make for my own mother this year. Things have been so crazy, busy at work for the last couple of weeks I am lucky I even got this done & in the mail on time! My children (age 24, 22, & 20) are coming over today to cook & have a BBQ for me! I may have mentioned you before ....they are all renting a house together not to far from here. It just warms my heart to know that they are so close & get along so well. They really do look out for each other.
Any way.... my card is made from all things purchased at CKC (creating keepsakes convention) some of it last year & some of it this year. It really sparkles!! I glittered the chipboard with spray adhesive & Martha Stewart glitter. Don't you just love the little pink roses??? They come in a tiny little bouquet & I just cut the tops off & glued them on the card.
Well that's it for today!! I hope to carve out some time today to do a little blog hopping! It has been way to long!!
Have a great day & thanks for the visit!


Kathy W said...

Gorgeous, must have cost double to mail it! Have a wonderful Mother's day, you must have done a great job with your kids that they all want to live with each other!

Marge said...

Happiest of Mother's Days to you Gwen!!! I hope you have a wonderful day with your family!!!
This card is so gorgeous & sparkly -- I know your Mom loved its vintage beauty and the love you put into creating it!!! ;-)

LadyDoc said...

Beautiful card!

Hope you have a fun day with the kids!

Etha said...

oh what a super pretty mother's day card! love the glitter :)

Sassy said...

Very Pretty and Glitzy! Love it.

Glee said...

I so enjoyed reading about your Mother's Day, Gwen! It sure made me smile today!

This card is "out of this world"...love the glitter and yes, those little flowers are adorable! You are truly an artisan, my Friend!

kathleenh said...

Beautiful card for your mom Gwen! I hope your Mother's day was fabulous!

Monica-FC said...

simply gorgeous. I just love how you did the card and I know your mom will love it as it came from your heart.


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