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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thanks to my Kids

Finally, finally a day in my craft room :) SWEET!!!! I got 14 thank you cards done today!! I will only be posting 1 per post though. I always have a hard time when others post several cards in one post....my pea little brain doesn't know how to comment on those :( To each their own! So for today's card I am starting with this funny one for my children. The three of them all chipped in together & got me a new bike for my Birthday. It is one of the old fashioned looking ones...I think it is called a beach bike. Any way....it is light blue with a basket on the front. I just love it!!! I thought this thank you card would be perfect!

It's hard to tell in the picture, but I actually glittered the bike & the "rays of brightness" lol....just for giggles :) all the paper & the bike stamp are from PTI the "just what I always wanted" is from Hanna stamps. Very quick & easy. When you have a lot to do they need to be quick, & easy to mail. Can't believe tomorrow is Monday already! Oh well...another short week!!!! see Ya tomorrow!!!!


Marge said...

Oh this is the perfect card for this thank you! I clicked on it & you can clearly see it in all it's sparkly glory!!! They'll LOVE it!!!

Karolyn Loncon said...

Too cute! And what a sweet gift - I'd exchange it for craft stuff . . . just sayin'! LOL


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Country Thunder 2009
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