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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wow...what a weekend!

What a fun weekend it was! The party was a nice success, so fun to spend time with family! The 3erd was spent preparing for the party...my DH got the whole back yard set up & then wouldn't you know...a storm came & we had to quick take it all down!! Bless his heart! Then he had to clean up & set it all up again on the 4th. My DD was such a dear to come & help me with some last minute decorations. This is a cute little button bouquet decoration I made...
This is the BD cake & cupcakes..I made the fan bouquet to help people cool off & my DD Angie made all those cool white puff balls to hang all over in the tent... Then of course I had to make a picture board....I always love old pictures celebrating a persons life at birthday parties!These were so quick & easy...I think an idea from Martha Stewart...just cupcake holders over white Christmas tree lights! I loved this idea!! so festive! The beautiful birthday girl, My dear MIL Orpha...I hope I look that good at age 80!!!
Seems like everyone had a really good time! So then after all that fun yesterday we decided to spend Today at Sun splash so we got up early & spent the day in the wave pool & one the water slides....sorry for the looooog post! just wanted to share the fun! I hope to be back to my regular crafting in a few days, thanks for today's visit!! I will leave you with a few pics of the fam at sun splash! Aunt Mo & AmandaOK.....That's enough of my weekend!! TOMORROW will be a MOST embarrassing day I am sure! as our poor Little last place volleyball team has to play the first place team in a tournament!! GRIPES!!!!! :( Oh well....back to crafting next week!!


Marge said...

All your decorations look fabulous & looks like everyone had a great time! I'm sure your MIL was thrilled!!! Now you have all those lovely pictures & memories to share!!!

Kelly said...

Great pictures - looks like you had fun!

Belinda said...

Wonderful decorations!
Your photos are great and what a fantastic party for your MIL.

Etha said...

oh wow what great pictures!! everything looks so perfect and wonderful, what a happy party :)


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Country Thunder 2009
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