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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cutie kitty thank you

Here is another thank you card I made recently...always so many to do after Christmas! For this card nearly everything I used had not been used until that card making day!! so woot woot for me!!!! for using up some more of my stash!!!! I love this paper pack from MM & the cutie little kitty stamp is one of many that I got at Costco a while back by inkadoodle. Thanks to my (enabler) BBGF Marge, who always lets me know where all the good deals are!!! ;)
It is another gorgeous day here in Arizona! about 78 degrees for the Football game today!!!!
We are Minnesota Vikings fans at heart,(LOSERS) but for today we have jumped on the Arizona Cardinals band wagon!!! You would not believe all the hype & hoopla surrounding the game against the Eagles today!!! You would think today WAS the super bowl!!!
Well that's all for today!!!! Make it a good one!!! I will be around to visit soon!!!!


Kathy W said...

rub it in, we got another 6 inches of snow today! have game on now though...
btw love this paper!

Marge said...

Woot-Woot to Gwen for using those idle bargains lurking in her craft room! ;~) Love this paper too & that cute kitty! Always happy to oblige a BBGF (or a GF for that matter!) when there's a crafting bargain to be found anywhere! Gotta watch out for each other, GFs!!!
Woot-Woot for those Cardinals - let's just hope OUR birds keep flying high today!!! ;~} Just hope you have some hearing left by the time it's over today, Gwen!!! ;-)

Shirley said...

That cute kitty has got to feel so elegant and cheerful with the DP papers and that wonderful ribbon.

Stephenie said...

I love this card Gwen! It is so pretty. The paper is beautiful.

Kelly said...

I hear you about the game. I live outside of Baltimore, and it was the same way with the Ravens. (My husband was not happy that they lost.) Anyway, I love this card. so cute!


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