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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patricks day!!!

I got a card in the mail!!! This is my one & only St. Pat's day card...sent to me by my friend & fellow crafter Ilene. Thanks so much Ilene!!! I just love it! I do not even own any St. Pat's stamps :( Guess I better get some for next year!!
Hey! do you love a deal as much as I do??? Well for today only...you can not believe what you can get from Clear Artistic Stamps...for just $11.00!!!!!
Well, Belinda, The Artist/Owner has a DD who is having a Birthday today & she is celebrating with us all by giving us this great deal! You are going to have to go to the store at ............http://www.belindalandtroop.com/

to see what it is! ( I know..I am such a brat) TEE HEE HEE!! All you have to do is click on the St. Patrick's day special to see what it is!
Well....I have so much to do today!!! better get to it! don't drink too much green beer! (YUCK)

Thanks for taking a peek at my little blog!!


1 comment:

All Pink girl said...

Wow great card from your friend ,Dawnxx


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